Can't find the technology you are looking for? Leave a request and we'll start tracking it for you
Can't find the technology you are looking for? Leave a request and we'll start tracking it for you

Technology Tracking Insights That Drive Sales

Datanyze monitors the web and mobile technology choices of 35M companies to help you find and reach your best prospects when they are looking to buy.

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Technology Alerts

By taking a snapshot of your prospects' technology choices every day, Datanyze can alert you when a key account has added or dropped a competitive or complementary solution.

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list of technology provider customers

Account Targeting

With 35M companies to choose from, Datanyze helps you uncover your perfect list of accounts segmented by technographic and firmographic data points.

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Find email addresses and add prospects to CRM

Efficient Prospecting

Once you’ve identified your perfect list of accounts, use Datanyze to find the right contact, get their email address and send them to your CRM in one simple workflow.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Technology Tracking and Tech Usage at Companies

Datanyze Technology Tracking provides insights that drive technology sales by collecting and analyzing tech usage data across millions of websites each day. With Technology Tracking, sales and marketing teams can uncover the solutions a company is using to power its websites, mobile apps and businesses. But its benefits don’t stop there. Users can also uncover their perfect list of accounts segmented by technographic and firmographic data points. No more time wasted going after prospects who are unlikely to buy your product. And with Alerts, Datanyze can send alert you when a key account has added or dropped a competitive or complementary solution, enabling your team to know just when to reach out to a prospect.

Technology Tracking provides users with the most accurate, up-to-date information on the web and mobile tools being used across 35M companies by monitoring and analyzing their technology choices. That data, combined with best-in-class firmographics, can help sales and marketing teams with ideal customer profile creation, target account selection, lead scoring and routing, and personalized outreach. This provides the best sales prospecting techniques for your team. Additionally, users can filter the Datanyze domain database by technographic and firmographic data points to create lists of ideal accounts, reducing the amount of time your sales reps spend prospecting, and freeing them up to engage prospects when they are looking to buy. You can also append and enrich salesforce to provide direct insights to your sales team.

Technology Tracking continuously analyzes millions of data points across the web to determine technology usage and other buying signals. To do so, Datanyze primarily looks for technology footprints or “signatures” that denote certain technologies are in use on a site or mobile app. This is done entirely in-house using proprietary techniques.

Furthermore, Datanyze uses machine learning and natural language processing to search job postings, resumes, review sites and unstructured data sources to infer back-end technology usage.

Finally, Datanyze incorporates third party sources like CrunchBase to supplement our proprietary methods used in Technology Tracking so we can ensure our users are receiving the most up-to-date technographic information available.

Absolutely! Datanyze seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and HubSpot, enabling your sales and marketing teams to access Technology Tracking technographics -- including web, mobile and premium tech data -- right where they live and breathe. Every account can be enriched with technographic data using custom Datanyze fields.

If you are a Marketo user, our Marketo functionality allows you to quickly leverage Technology Tracking technographics to enrich leads within your marketing automation platform.

The Datanyze API is also available to help connect your current systems. We have entire Datanyze Academy post about the ways our customers have leveraged our API. Check it out here.

Our technographic data -- information on the technologies being used by millions of companies -- is collected entirely in-house and updated daily. We do this by collecting and analyzing data across 35M websites. We also utilize machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to identify certain data points available in Technology Tracking. It’s a process that is done around-the-clock to ensure Datanyze provides the most accurate technographic information available to users.

Technology Tracking is often used by sales and marketing teams to track when companies are adding or dropping competitive or complementary technologies. Not only is this real-time data useful for reps, Datanyze also offers historical technology adoption data. Using Datanyze Countdown, users can see if a company added a relevant solution nine or ten months ago, which may indicate they are nearing the end of their annual contract term. This insight enables users to proactively reach out to prospects at a time they may be considering making a switch.

Marketing teams frequently use Technology Tracking data to improve lead scoring, prioritization and routing, allowing them to quickly establish fit, and make sure the right leads get to the right reps and the right time.

With Datanyze’s technographics capabilities, you can see trends for existing and newly emerging technologies. Datanyze analyzes over 40 million companies each day and identifies the technology purchases and evaluations across thousands of technologies. In real-time, you can see if emerging technologies are accelerating and decelerating in their industry. You can also track who is buying emerging technologies. Experience a quick snapshot or deep-dive evaluation of technology market share.

Datanyze provides direct access to technology deployment and usage data that can be trusted. Get insight on how emerging technologies are performing in comparison to competing or adjacent technologies. Having direct access to the ability to track new companies and emerging technologies provides forecasting abilities and a competitive advantage.

“Context and timing are crucial to sales success. Knowing when prospects are evaluating providers in our space helps my team stay one step ahead in a competitive market.”

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Ray Carroll

VP of Sales, Marketo

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