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Can't find the technology you are looking for? Leave a request and we'll start tracking it for you

Predictive Analytics for Technology Companies

Datanyze compares the technology profiles of your top customers with our database of 35M companies to surface the best prospects inside and outside your CRM.

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Setting up predictive lead scoring model

Simple Setup

Creating a new model takes 10 minutes. Simply import a list of your best customers and a list of the prospects you’d like scored, then let our data science team do the rest!

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Predictive lead scoring model data

Technographic Data

With customer data on over 11,000+ technologies, we help you identify the prospects that use the same combination of solutions as your best customers.

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predictive lead scoring machine churning out new accounts

Net-new Accounts

With over 35M companies in our database, our model is guaranteed to uncover new, high-value accounts that your sales team has yet to contact.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is generally defined as the use of data mining, machine learning, and modeling to forecast future events. At Datanyze, our predictive analytics software examines your top customers, identifies the characteristics they share (technographic profile, company size, revenue, etc.) and compares the findings to our database of 35M companies to uncover easy prospecting inside and outside of your CRM. Whether you are importing a list of key accounts, or connecting your Salesforce instance directly to Datanyze with our seamless integration, predictive analytics can quickly build a model, score existing leads using custom criteria specifically tailored to your business, and help surface high-value, net-new accounts.

Let’s learn why predictive analytics is important. In addition, let’s learn what predictive analytics is used for. Imagine automatically filling your sales funnel with new accounts that look just like your best customers. Your reps would spend less time prospecting and researching, and more time actually selling into accounts that have a higher probability of buying your solution. That’s what predictive analytics tools can do for your business. And as your business grows and evolves, so does your Datanyze predictive analytics model. Through frequent model updates and machine learning, Predictive analytics will surface accounts that are always a good fit.

Predictive analytics not only helps your sales team, but it can also enable your marketing team to become more productive and profitable by surfacing the best possible prospects in which to target. And by combining predictive capabilities with data enrichment, your company can move fast. Stop tossing a net. Start throwing a harpoon.

Predictive analytics examines your best customers, discovers the characteristics they share and scours our database of 35M companies to uncover great accounts your sales team has yet to contact. Setup takes just 10 minutes.

And at Datanyze, we realized no one knows your business like you. That’s why, unlike other predictive analytics tools, Datanyze allows users to see inside the “black box,” and make adjustments to the predictive model by weighting certain characteristics more than others.

If you prefer to sit back, put your feet up and watch your sales funnel flooded with perfect accounts, our data science team can generate a custom model tailormade for your business. All we need is a customer list or access to your CRM data. This allows your reps to spend more time having meaningful conversations with prospects who are more likely to purchase your product, and less time reaching out to accounts that may never buy.

Predictive analytics forecasting is possible to do in both Datanyze and Salesforce. In Datanyze, predictive analytics scores and grades are available in Targeting reports. All results in a Targeting report will be scored according to the default model selected by your account or predictive analytics admin. And just like any other value within Targeting, results can be filtered by predict score and/or grade.

Leveraging Datanyze’s integration between predictive analytics and crm enables scores and grades to be accessible at the lead level in your CRM or salesforce instance. Datanyze can write predict information directly to Lead Custom Fields, and we recommend those be set within Salesforce for the integration to work properly.

The most common predictive analytics use case is target account identification inside and outside of a company’s CRM. With predictive analytics enabled, Datanyze can help fill your sales funnel with new, high-value accounts that look just like your best customers, which reduces the time and resources spent going after companies that are unlikely to buy or not a good fit.

Another common use case is account scoring. Predictive analytics and marketing will examine your top customers by analyzing a company’s technographics and firmographics profile, identify the characteristics those customers share and use the findings as scoring criteria for your current account list. This allows you to surface and prioritize accounts that are more likely to become paying customers.

Predictive analytics is one of the more sophisticated Datanyze offerings, therefore there is an additional cost to deploy this feature. New Datanyze users can negotiate adding predictive analytics before they get started with the platform to hit the ground running with the feature and start serving up perfect prospects to your sales team right away. For more information on costs, please contact us. For existing customers who want to add Predictive Analytics to their Datanyze bundle, please contact your dedicated customer success manager or email

"By taking the guesswork out of the decision-making process, Datanyze enables sales teams to spend more time closing deals and less time qualifying accounts. It's also helped our inside sales team uncover and rapidly convert valuable net-new accounts, based on Datanyze’s extensive company database."

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