Can't find the technology you are looking for? Leave a request and we'll start tracking it for you
Can't find the technology you are looking for? Leave a request and we'll start tracking it for you

Put the Intelligence Back in Your Business

Datanyze is the fuel for your business strategy. With over 100 billion raw data points, the possibilities for making your organization smarter are endless.

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Supercharge Your Data with Our Data

Available with an API or CSV, Datanyze’s data captures current and historical trends across multiple data points so you have all the information you need to put your business in a better position for the future.

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Using 20 different methodologies to determine a company’s technology footprint, we refresh our technographic data daily to ensure the highest accuracy.

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We have information on 35 million companies, including a business’s revenue, industry, number of job postings, employee size and headquarters plus dozens of other data points.

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Know the Technologies a Company Uses

Technographics provide insight on a company’s current technology choices. Datanyze identifies when a certain software or technology provider was added or dropped across more than one hundred technology categories.


Over 11,000+ technologies are monitored in our database – more than any other data provider.

Data + Science

We currently use more than 20 methodologies to identify technology usage.

Sources You Can Trust

Be confident in our data. We always reveal how we found a particular trace of a technology.

Refresh Rate

We refresh all sources of data daily - no exceptions.

Historical Data

More than 5 years worth of historical data of technologies added or dropped.

Team of Analysts

We have a dedicated team that can track a new technology within 3 business days.

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Data for Every Industry

With data on over 35 million companies, Datanyze knows the profile of nearly every industry from front-to-back. Combine, transform or supplement our data with yours to help you fill in the blanks.

Here are just three examples for how customers are transforming their business with our powerful dataset.


When it comes to investments, the best hedge funds and private equity firms use data to improve the decision-making process. Datanyze provides historical trends as well as technology adds and drops so that you can beat the market.

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Cyber Security

Every company has a list of dependencies (hosting/DNS/CDN provider) on which it relies. Datanyze helps cyber security companies understand risks associated with each dependency and allows them to instantly understand the risks associated with a given provider.

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Cyber Insurance

Using Datanyze’s firmographic data (industry, size, revenue, etc.) as well as technographic data, cyber insurance companies can estimate risk without asking the company to provide all the details. We help answer important questions about a company’s firewall, DNS provider and software version so you can easily evaluate risk.

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